Plume Touché SS17

This directional line of The Naan Design is undergoing continuous renewal for the third consecutive season, and enjoys undiminished popularity.
The Woman wearing Plume Touché jewelry is truly individual and vibrant, capable of experiencing her oasis of inner freedom and is not afraid to put it on display.
The 2017 spring-summer collection of patent leather orange, coral, strawberry, apricot and flowering plum leathers are hand-painted with a special technique with turquoise, pink and orange.
The Touché Plume collection campaign images were inspired by the retro mood of the '70s, elevated into and unparalleled experience by a blonde oriental model.
Styling: Natasa Litvin
Photo: Nerpel Photography
Makeup: Henriett Gercosz Makeup
Hair: Gyöngyi Tóth
Model: Sissy Cui