Inspiration for the theme of the PLUME Basic collection offers the feather, which impersonate the future desires, objectives. This feeling is expressed through tangible materials like metal and the texture of leather... do not let our ideas flies away, rather inherent weight remind us that today determines our future.

Wearing the PLUME, gives energy and recalls the opportunities, in the Now we can do for our Future. Impersonate with your dreams and goals your favourite PLUME pieces and even today do something for it to realize.

Every piece of jewelry made of quality leather will be constructed by hand taking care to that the most beautiful leather texture to show the wearer. The elements of the accessories line consist of a procession of eternal basic pieces fitting into every wardrobe.

The 2017 spring-summer collection campaign photos are built around the cult of bohemian youth. Looseness, spontaneity and improvisation are in focus.

PLUME Basic Earring - The Naan Design

PLUME Basic Earring

Regular price 18.000 Ft

PLUME Basic Mini Necklace - The Naan Design

PLUME Basic Mini Necklace

Regular price 12.000 Ft

PLUME Basic Mini Earring - The Naan Design

PLUME Basic Mini Earring

Regular price 12.000 Ft