The Naan Design 1st Birthday Party

Budapest Event Party

The Naan Design brand celebrated its first birthday in the framework of a fashion presentation and combined with a popup event on 7th of October 2016 at the KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre.

Natasa's and Agi's goal was to bring people closer to the brand's philosophy. After a short fashion show as part of the presentation the models walked among the invited guests and talked about the jewelries and clothes. This provided an opportunity for people to look at it up close and take the pieces of the brand's this year's autumn/winter premium collection, Le Toucher de Luxe.

The soft lines and highly feminine silhouettes of premium silk clothes and accessories dipped in gold, have characteristic forms and make a delicate, however lasting impression.

Wearing colours of burgundy, admiral blue, emerald green, patent black, gold of the handcrafted, exquisitely crafted leather accessories with 16K gold-plated hardware and Swarovski crystal-studded jewelry embody a noble and dedicated woman.

The characteristic accessories and jewelries give the essence of ’Le Toucher de Luxe’ to women. The collection this year have appeared premium quality leather bags as well.

You can also enter the Realm of Luxury!

Thanks for the photos of the Nerpel Photography and A Salon Budapest!





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