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12.000 Ft
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PLUME Basic Earring - The Naan Design

PLUME Basic Earring

Regular price 18.000 Ft

ORCHID Earring

ORCHID Earring

Regular price 20.000 Ft

KATE Saddle Bag - The Naan Design

KATE Saddle Bag

From Regular price 3.000 Ft

PLUME Basic Mini Necklace - The Naan Design

PLUME Basic Mini Necklace

Regular price 12.000 Ft

MARION S Clutch bag - The Naan Design

MARION S Clutch bag

Regular price 25.000 Ft

NAAN Basic Bracelet - The Naan Design

NAAN Basic Bracelet

Regular price 9.500 Ft

Le Toucher de Luxe Earring - The Naan Design

Le Toucher de Luxe Earring

Regular price 25.000 Ft

CÉLINE Geo Belt - The Naan Design


Regular price 30.000 Ft

Box Bag SCARLETT - The Naan Design


Regular price 75.000 Ft

NAAN Basic Belt - The Naan Design

NAAN Basic Belt

Regular price 9.500 Ft

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  • Jewelries

    The elements of the accessories line consist of a procession of eternal basic pieces fitting into every wardrobe.

  • Bags

    TND bags are your most loyal ally in business, for travel and for everyday. Because of they slim, streamlined shape, TND bags are timeless, elegant and classic.

  • Clothing

    Clothing by Natasa Litvin can be the basis of every wardrobe with elegant lines.